View Full Version : Satellite Pro A200 PSAE4E doesn't boot after XP BIOS update

17.01.2008, 13:36
Hi there, I need some help!!!

just recieved laptop, tested all ok with Vista business and everything works fine.
Now i have a requirement to test a build for a duel boot XP laptop and followed the enclosed instructions for changing the BIOS to enable me to install XP.

Re-started the laptop with the bios disk, selected the XP bios and all seems ok.
The phone rings, i answer. When i finish I look back at laptop and screen is white.
Leave it for 20 mins still white. Turn off laptop and restart, no tosh splash screen, nothing.

Now will not boot, so what do i need to do to get this thing working again???

17.01.2008, 13:44
Hi buddy...

That looks very bad! :( it look like something went wrong during the BIOS update procedure and therefore the notebook cannot boot correctly.

Hopefully only the ROM module must be flashed again.

This can be done only by an authorized service provider!
I don't see any other solution as to contact the ASP in your country and to ask for the help and further handling.

Good luck and best regards

17.01.2008, 18:34
I am afraid there is nothing you can do alone.

In whole story I can not understand what you mean with “Re-started the laptop with the bios disk, selected the XP bios and all seems ok”.

BIOS update is exe file and should be executed under running operating system (for example preinstalled Vista).