View Full Version : Satellite X200: One media controll button doesn't work

16.01.2008, 08:40
Ok, I have this problem. The 6 media buttons I have on my X200 isn't working correct.
The first 5 buttons work correct, but nr 6 the forward button for media player etc doesn't work, neither with WMP or mediamonkey.

How can I fix this?


18.01.2008, 08:32
Ok. I can actually get it to work with WMP, but how can I configure the button to work with media monkey?
All other buttons do...

18.01.2008, 09:16
Thanks for the info.
In my knowledge the Toshiba control buttons works only with the windows media player if audio CD was inserted. If you watch the DVDs you can use these buttons with the WinDVD software.

01.02.2008, 22:41
Ok. I fixed this. A bit embarresing.
In options in MediaMonkey I could configure keys.
All the buttons works fine in WMP as well..