View Full Version : Power supply problem on Satellite X205 SLI 1

15.01.2008, 15:01
I have a 3 month old Satellite X205 SLI 1.

If I connect the power supply after I have turned on the pc it will not charge. It says: "power supply connected, not charging".
If I start the pc and the battery is not fully charged with the power supply connected it will charge the battery up to 100% and then start using the battery until it runs down to 0%. I have to turn the pc off and on to make it start charge again.

Do anyone have a solution to my problem or do I have to send it in for repear?

15.01.2008, 15:11
To be honest it is really strange behavior. Solution for this? Sorry but what you will try to do? You can do nothing. I recommend you to contact service. The warranty is valid and possible repair will be free.

16.01.2008, 19:10
I tried to remove the battery, and it runs normal without. Could it be the battery there is something wrong with maybe. Guess I have to send it in.
Thanks for relpy.

16.01.2008, 19:16

I agree with you. The notebook should be checked by technicians.
Good luck and I hope this will be solved quickly.