View Full Version : Low RAM speed at Satellite Pro A200

Lord Summoner
14.01.2008, 20:39
Hello everyone!

I bought Satellite Pro A200-1SS with 1 GB RAM (DDR2 667 MHz ), which I recently upgraded with one 2 GB DDR2 667 MHz Kingston module. Problem is, that vista score, which was 4.2 with only 1 GB module suddenly dropped to 2.2. Has anyone experienced same problem?

Thanks for help.

Lord Summoner
20.01.2008, 12:13
Problem solved after vista reinstallation

20.01.2008, 12:28

additionally to your solved issue I must say that the "Vista-score" does not tell much about the performance of the machine. The biggest problem is that Vista needs so much resources, that such "Score" will 100% underestimate the power of your notebook.

But thats Vista, itīs unfortunately not linux...