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22.03.2005, 23:58
Okay I decided to update my BIOS to 1.90 been having some issues
with the firewire port however this hasn't cured the problem I’ve
encountered (see topic flakey firewire...).
I'm not really all that bothered I don’t have a need for firewire yet it
just looks strange having yellow markers in device manager.
Anyway I've encountered another strange problem with my laptop. While
plugged into the mains and with the power saving profile set to
"Normal" my screen goes black after a short period of idling however
any attempts to wake it up with the touch pad had failed. I have
to lower the lid into the close position to force it to run into
stand-by mode this was while I was using ftp to transfer some files
over. I had considered it a one off event but that was until the
same problem happened again with the latest BIOS.
anyone else been having this same problem ?

Also there's weird entry in my event logs I was wondering
if anyone could explain this:
\Device\ACPIEC: This embedded controller (EC) hardware returned
data when none was requested. This may indicate the BIOS is
incorrectly trying to access the EC without synchronizing the OS.
The data is being ignored.

what exactly is an ACPIEC ??


Richard S.

23.03.2005, 11:53
Hi Richard

The screen brightness you can change using FN+F6 or F7. Check please also “Screen brightness” setting in Power management. Under “Normal” profile you can set brightness for every battery capacity level. There are four of them.

Check this http://www.michna.com/kb/WxACPIEC.htm . It is very interesting.