View Full Version : Temperature too high on Satellite Pro L20?

13.01.2008, 20:47

yesterday evening while gaming the temperature of "Temp Sens 1" reached 101C / 210F.

Is that too high?

My Toshiba Satellite L20 Pro is now nearly 5 years old. The fan runs and the Bios adjustment for cooling is set on "Performance". If the current clock speed is just about 800MHz (of 1.7 GHZ) ,Temp Sens 0 is between 35-40C / 95-105F and Temp Sens 1 = 50-60C / 120-140F.


13.01.2008, 21:32
Seems a little bit high for such machine... did you ever cleaned the cooling system of your notebook??

Could be that the fan and the cooling fin is clobbed with dust which causes such high temperature. I would suggest you to go into a electronic market, grab a can with compressed air and clean with that compressed air the cooling system from dust and whatever is living inside your machine. :)

Please check after the cleanup if the temp is raising again.