View Full Version : Upgrading back to Vista seems impossible on Satellite U300

13.01.2008, 20:06
I have a Satellite U300 psu30a, just got it.
It had the vista business on and I wanted to put a linux partition on it... Made the partitions, formated it. And when I used the recovery cds, it just kept on coming to XP, intead of vista.

Tried all different options, including the recovery partion on th hd and always ends up on the xp.
I gave up on the linux, now I just want the vista back... What do I do???

Thank you!

13.01.2008, 21:36

if you really want back to vista then you must format the WHOLE harddrive and cleanup the MBR (master boot record) which stores the boot information from all installed operating systems.
The only way to do this is to grab a linux live CD (which must not be installed on the HDD, but I suppose you that) and remove all partitions/format the whole disk. Donīt forget to delete the MBR, itīs important.

Then just perform your recovery as always and it should work.

13.01.2008, 23:59
Thank you Marina, but after so many people giving bad reviews about Vista vs Xp, I am going to stick with Xp any way... its faster and saves my battery. But I didn't get to see my windows data partition after I created it...

Any way, thx!