View Full Version : Search for compatible HDD to upgrade Satellite Pro L10

13.01.2008, 17:19
Hi ive just bought a sat pro L10 which needs a new hard drive and im new to laptops so im wondering if there is any specific model of hdd I need and is there any that are recomended or any to be avoided.

any advice will be greatly appieciated

18.01.2008, 11:06
Well, you have to difference between the SATA and IDE HDDs.
This notebook was equipped definitely with 2.5” HDD which support the IDE interface.

As far as I know some of the L10 notebooks were delivered with the 40GB and 60GB HDD.

I can remember that this question was posted a lot of time here in the forum and therefore I searched here for similar topics.

….and …. I found one ;)


Last user reported that an 120GB HDD works fine… so possibly this could help you.