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13.01.2008, 14:10

I have recently bought a Tecra 8100 laptop. Unfortunately there is no tv-out cable included.
According to the manual (ie. here: http://www.microdom.by/olddata/pdfspec/tecra_8100.pdf) the tv-out port provides a s-video (NTSC/PAL) signal via 3,5mm mini jack port.
The missing cable should be a RCA conversion cable.
Can anyone please tell me if there any specific requirements that such cable needs to meet? It's not hard to get an audio mini-jack to 2xRCA conversion cable, but this one obviously does not transmit the video signal.

Any clues?

I'm working on Win XP SP2, the graphic card installed is S3 Savage/MX.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

13.01.2008, 14:26
Hi mate,

I know that cable; itīs a rare accessoire of the Tecra 8100. The problem is, that the 3.5" mini-jack has itīs own format, so, it will only adapt from 1x 3,5" to 1x RCA.

Such cables can be either found on Ebay, or you contact an ASP (authorized service partner) which could surely send you such cable for some low money...

Hereīs a link (if you need it) to find the nearest ASP in your country:


Good luck man

07.02.2008, 23:11

if you live in the UK I have a spare which I can post to you.

03.04.2008, 02:30
Hi Tabbycat (or golaszm if it's been posted!)

I'm also missing the tv-out cable from my 8100 and live in Ireland.
Could you please take a photograph of the laptop end of the cable for me?
If I can find out whether it's a normal audio style jack, mono or stereo,
or if there's an extra collar on it, I hope to be able to make one up.

Thanks in advance!

03.04.2008, 10:16

Yes I can do that. But could you please post your email address here so I have a means to contact you (and email a photo?)

It is probably best to post it here in the form 'name at isp dot com'