View Full Version : Satellite U300-11V: Suddenly no sound

11.01.2008, 16:23
Hi all,

I am getting no sound from my laptop. Everything has worked fine for about 8 months but the other day suddenly there was no sound at all. Checked that it wasn't on mute (derr) and that the drivers were all up to date - everything looks fine. Just nothing coming out.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

11.01.2008, 16:40
Sounds really, really strange…
Try to remove the sound card from the device manger and then reboot the unit.
After new reboot the sound card will be installed again…

One question; Did you check if the sound appears through the headphones?

11.01.2008, 16:58
Have you also tried to roll back OS to earlier time using System restore tool?
Try it, maybe helps.

11.01.2008, 20:05
I have tried rolling it back to the start of the week but still no joy.

Have also checked the headphones, no sound from their either.

11.01.2008, 20:15
Have tried disabling my sound card and rebooting - that does not work either.

Did you mean disable or uninstall?

11.01.2008, 20:26
I mean uninstall!

If it doesn’t help, the new recovery installation would be advisable to check if this could be a hardware problem.

25.01.2008, 13:31
i have the same problam but a sound appears through the headphones just through the speakers it not work
What to do?

25.01.2008, 13:50
Possibly the tiny switch which is placed in the headphone jack doesn’t work correctly.
This switch controls the output between the headphones and speakers.
Try to plug and unplug the headphones several times. Maybe it works then.