View Full Version : ICM color profiles usage on Satellite U300

10.01.2008, 23:48
I've got Satellite U-300 + Win XP. I use ICM color profile generated specially for my display using Spider. I've downloaded this addon rom Microsoft website allowing me to use the generated .ICM file and it works.

However I have to switch it on every time my computer is restarted because the graphic card drivers are not supporting color profiles and after each restart the colors are back as they are set in graphic drivers.

Is there a way to set this profile once and for all so I don't have to go to control panel every time I switch on my machine? Thanks for help.

11.01.2008, 18:30
Personally I donít have any experience using such ICE color profiles but I have found this Microsoft page.


But possibly the graphic driver doesnít support fully this ICE profiles and therefore you have still change it in the control panel.
Maybe a graphic card driver update could helps. But this is only a suggestion.

14.01.2008, 02:20
Hi pogrom!

Does the callibrated display profile make much of a difference on the colour reproduction of your U300?
I play about with a lot of photography, but cannot afford any fancy callibration toys like the Spider.

It would be very useful to be able to have a realistic colour profile.
Would you mind sending me a copy of your ICM profile? (my username -at- gmail.com)

I haven't played about with display profiles on this laptop yet, but I'll try to figure out a way to make it load on startup and let you know.