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09.01.2008, 21:49
HI all,
I was watching a streaming movie recently, when it began jittering wildly, and would not stop. The PC stopped responding, and I just managed to ctrl-alt-del and stop the offending application (Stage6 DivX movie player). However, now, whenever I try to play any audio or video file, I get mad jitter - it seems to be connected to hard drive access, external or internal HDD. However, prior to login in, the sound seems to work fine, as it did when my scheduled task alarm went off when still on the login screen.

I would like to find drivers and reinstall them, as I really donít want to have to re-install everything from scratch, but I canít find them. Perhaps here is an easier solution, though I canít seem to do a system restore, and my codec packs wonít install properly anymore (I donít know if that is related, but it is sure suspicious).

All help welcome!!!

11.01.2008, 17:49
First of all it would be very useful to know your full notebook name. How should someone provide any useful hints without any notebook details?

To be honest I donít know what exactly audio & video issues you have but believe me; the installation from the recovery CD takes about 10min and then you will get fully functioning notebook.
Of course the data backup would be necessary because the recovery CD formats the HDD.

18.01.2008, 21:41
When this happen is the CPU activity on 100%?
Try to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore tool (if the restore point was created before this issue started).

Try to reinstall player. Sorry but it is not easy to say why this happen. We can just speculate what you can do.

05.02.2008, 23:41
Equim A200 Laptop: Video Problem/Media Player problem - Why do I get Sound but no Video when playing AVI files. Help?

06.02.2008, 10:31
Because you need to install codecs. Install K-Lite codec pack.