View Full Version : Lost audio on my Satellite Pro L100

09.01.2008, 19:16
I recently purchased a 2nd hand Satellite Pro L100, but it's OS (XP Pro) is corrupted and won't recognise any soundcard or sound capabilities on the motherboard.

I've found and tried a download from this site, but there is a file missing or corrupted.

Also, I can't find out either what the soundcard is so I can download drivers, or what specific files I need for XP to communicate with any function on the motherboard! Argh!

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

09.01.2008, 19:55

The soundcard is onboard. This means that the sound chip is mounted on the motherboard.
I have checked the Toshiba driver page and it seems that the sound drivers are designed for the Conexant sound chip.

Please check firstly what Satellite Pro L100 series you have; the Toshiba page provides drivers for PSLA4 and for PSLA1 series. The right number you will find at the bottom of the unit.

Nevertheless I would recommend reinstalling the OS from the Toshiba recovery CD.
If you donít have such CD you can order it from the ASP in your country!