View Full Version : Satellite Pro A40: Need minPCI WLan card

08.01.2008, 14:49
Hi all,

I would like to put a Wireless PCI card in my laptop but don't have a clue what I am looking for.

Please could someone help me out with suggestions, links, recomendations, information or anything that might help me
solve this problem


08.01.2008, 15:09

One question; Do you have a Wlan switch at the notebooks side?
If not then you will be not able to upgrade this notebook with the minPCI WLan card because you would be not able to enable the Wlan card.

I have checked the internet for some details and it looks the Wi-Fi is Not Available and in my opinion not upgradeable too.

I think itís a better idea to use an external USB Wlan stickÖ