View Full Version : Satellite Pro A200: Recovery using a network ghost boot disk

04.01.2008, 13:17
Hi all,

Need to ghost several sat pro a200 machines using a network ghost boot disk. when i use the ghost disk provided by ghost boot wizard and booting into PC dos i get the message "No Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter Found!" Serious Internal Error! (hardware works OK in XP/Vista)

i have tried booting from CD, Mem Stick and USB floppy with drivers from toshiba and realtek without any success, searches on google seem to point toward there needing to be a driver to interface with the cardbus / PCMCIA adapter - if this IS the case can anyone shed any light on the whereabouts of such a driver and how i could go about doing this?

Many thanks,
Gav Shakespeare.

04.01.2008, 13:47
Sorry folks answered my own question - the network card is reported as being an RTL8134 in windows XP but is in fact an RTL8100E/RTL8101E so i was using the wrong NDIS2 Driver!. doh!

emergency over.

04.01.2008, 14:01
Thanks for the clarification… best regards