View Full Version : Satellite Pro A200 series - CD/DVD-rw is not working

03.01.2008, 18:42
Iíve had the notebook a few months and it is great but now I try to add documents and music to CD or DVD and it will not write. The machine can take DVD+/-R/RW and the same in CD.

I have tried both the DVD + RW are simply not found and the CD-RW try to write but then say the operation cannot be completed near the end of the process it states it cannot be completed.

Any advice?
The disks work on my desktop so the disks are fine.

10.01.2008, 14:47
Hi Rebecca

In most cases such CD/DVD burning issues are related to not compatible mediums.
You should know that not all CDs or DVDs from different manufacturers are compatible and supportedÖ
Therefore I would recommend testing different CDs and DVDs.

What burning software do you use?
I use the ďNero Burning RomĒ program. Itís great and supports many useful functions. This software tested the CD/DVD drive and controls and sets the best burning speed.
Sometimes itís useful to run such tests to ensure the best burning settings.

But you issue could be related to the hardware malfunction too.
Sometimes the drive cannot handle a CD or DVD because the lens cannot calibrate properly. In such case the drive must be replaced :(

So finally I would recommend checking different CDs & DVDs and if the issue persists contact the ASP in your country for a check.

Bye and good luck