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03.01.2008, 17:04
I have purchased a Toshiba U300-111 and it comes with VISTA Home Premium.

I am wondering what is the easiest way to downgrade it to XP Pro? I ask the retailer who sold it to me, and they asked me to contact Toshiba Support line. I am just wondering would Toshiba offer me a free replacement of XP in place of VISTA? Since I had asked for XP but the retailer said to me they cant help me.

Also, I have another machine with XP Pro on it (its a laptop from another manufacturer and XP came bundled with it). I am planning to install linux on it, would it be ok for me to use the license for that machine to install XP on my Toshiba laptop?


03.01.2008, 17:16
Of course it’s easy to install the XP.

First of all you have to install the Intel Storage Manger. This driver is necessary because without this Intel Matrix Storage Manager the XP will not recognize the HDD.
After successful installation of Intel Storage Manger you could continue the XP setup and after OS installation you can install the Toshiba drivers.

> I am just wondering would Toshiba offer me a free replacement of XP in place of VISTA
No, you have to buy an original MS XP

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22.01.2008, 16:54

I have purchased a new copy of Windows XP. Now, I am wondering what version of the Intel Matrix Storage Manage do I have to install? I have the Satellite U300-111.

The one I have managed to find on using google, says "The file below contains the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Floppy Configuration Utility. This utility will create a floppy disk containing the RAID driver files for installation on a 32-bit operating system." Is this the one, or do I have to choose another chipset?

I am wondering if Toshiba's support site would provide this for me?

Also, does the toshiba support site provide XP drivers for all their models, including mine?

Thanks for your help

22.01.2008, 17:01
Take a look on the Toshiba European driver page and you will find everything what you want.

the Intel Storage Manger can be downloaded from the page too.

22.01.2008, 17:15
Thanks - found it. I will proceed with the installation, and come back if I have any more queries.

I am guessing Windows XP Pro would detect devices itself - but I should install most of the devices myself in any case.

25.01.2008, 13:43

I have a little problem. I am installing Win XP on my notebook now, and the installation cannot find my hard drive. I understand I need to install "Intel Matrix Storage Manager" for this. BUt how do I install this during installation? I dont have a floppy drive, but I do have the "Intel Matrix Storage Manager" on my USB key - would it work from there during installation?

I guess I need to press F6 during the install yes?

Please help!

25.01.2008, 13:57
You cannot use the USB stick because XP will not see it.
Either you will use the USB FDD or you will create your own XP CD using the free software called “nLite ”. It allows you to include the Intel SATA driver onto this CD. Then you could boot from the new XP CD.

25.01.2008, 14:02

That is what I was thinking. How come Toshiba's installation instructions tell me (see below) that I install XP first and then install IMSM? or does it refer to probably install it while XP installation!

Component List Satellite U 300; Satellite Pro U 300

Contents and Installation order
for Windows XP

Install Order

Windows XP
No. Component Name Version
1 Windows XP Professional ServicePack2 SP2
2 Intel Matrix Storage Manager (iMSM)

25.01.2008, 14:30
The installation instruction tells you what order is necessary and not how you have to install it ;) you know….
For more details you can check this forum and/or the Toshiba knowledge data base;


*-> Support & Download -> Support homepage -> Troubleshooting*


29.01.2008, 16:14
I downloaded the Intel Storage manager from the Toshiba download site, and tried installing it (F6 installation during XP setup). Problem: It seemed to read my external USB-based Floppy drive, then it proceed with the installation, showed me the copyright (presed F8 to that), and followed through, till it came to stage where it wanted to format the hard drive, and then is asked for the Intel Matrix Storage Manager disk again in A: , I entered it and press Enter and nothing! It didnt respond to my Enter at all, neither did it make an attempt to read from the floppy.

This has happened twice now. Is there something wrong with my external USB-based floppy drive? or what? How come it seems to read it the first time, but the second time there is not attempt to read it or respond with any message that gives me a hint. Whats going on?



29.01.2008, 16:21

I don’t know if it’s something wrong with you floppy drive but you could use the free ware software called “nLite”. Using this tool you can include the SATA driver into the Win XP OS.
I have used this tool too and it’s really great!

Try to Google for “nLite” and how to use it. You will find really many, many useful pages!