View Full Version : Satellite U300: Vista reboots/crashes on wakening from sleep

03.01.2008, 13:02
My days-old Toshiba Satellite U300 is sometimes (but not always) crashing on being awoken from Sleep.
It starts to awaken normally but before the desktop has reappeared, it just reboots and Vista attempts to recover from an 'abnormal shutdown'.
I'm updated Vista & drivers as far as I know.

I'm getting conflicting opinions on whether this is a laptop hardware fault or just 'Vista Sleep doesn't work properly, so don't use it yet'.
Has anyone else had this experience or have any fixes?

Am running Norton Internet Security 2008 and just a few fairly ordinary other programs, if that helps.

08.01.2008, 16:34

I have tested it with Satellite U300-112 and there is no problem at all. I must say that my small U300-112 is clean preinstalled with recovery image.

To be honest I think it is Vista issue because all power settings are controlled by Vista. Have you noticed the same after hibernation mode?

10.01.2008, 23:06
I haven't noticed a problem waking from hibernation, but then I've only used it a few times. It doesn't appear to be an option you can set any more within power options?

Yesterday, Microsoft Update picked up a series of updates including one for KB943899. The detail of this refers to various problems emerging from Sleep or Hibernation. I've never seen the described 'Stop Error' but I am slightly optimistic that this fix may help me somehow.

Like you, I've seen too many complaints re Vista and Sleep/Hibernation to consider this a laptop fault any more.