View Full Version : Satellite U300-134 won't re-boot after automatic updates

Alex Stevens
02.01.2008, 22:26
Microsoft automatically installs the updates when I turn off my computer but when I turn it back on it Configures them rebooting itself in the process but doesn't re-boot successfully launching windows start-up wizard which automatically restores the computer to before the updates. Help!


07.01.2008, 13:39
Hello Alex

For me, described issue is definitely Microsoft case and I do not see any connection to Toshiba notebook. Maybe I am wrong about that but what you can do in this case?
Simply remove latest updates using system restore application and try again.

By the way: which operating system you use? Vista or your own WXp installation?

07.01.2008, 17:24
I presume, you are speaking about the Vista updates.
I saw your other message about the Vista OS…

However, I think it’s a software issue… therefore you should follow the advice given by Silas and should repeat the procedure.
Firstly remove the updates (go to the previous OS restore point) and then try to update it again.
In worst case you should use the Toshiba recovery CD to refresh the OS on the HDD