View Full Version : PCI BIOS bug found on Equium A110-233 during boot up

02.01.2008, 17:02
Hi all,

I get a "PCI BIOS bug found" error when I boot up my Equium A110-233. It gives a number but the error flies by so quick I can't see it.

I haven't noticed any errors running the computer except my SD card reader doesn't work but because I'm running Linux based Ubuntu Gutsy-Gibbon. I'm aware that Toshiba doesn't supported drivers for this device.

How bad are BIOS bug errors? Does it need fixing ?
Can I interrogate the OS to find out the BIOS bug's number / details?
Can it be fixed with a BIOS update loaded via Windows emulator or virtual machine?

Thanks for any ideas in advance.

07.01.2008, 14:23
Hello Rob

Can you use WXP on your notebook without any problems?

07.01.2008, 17:57
Hi Silas,

I removed XP from my laptop and loaded Ubuntu 7.10 (Linux) instead - freedom at last !!

I have been reading various forums and asking friends and colleagues at work. They advised that the message I am getting actually comes after the BIOS has loaded and is not to do with the laptop at all - its simply because there is no SD card-reader driver for my current version of the linux kernel - Hopefully this will come but for now I will find a work around with a USB reader instead.

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07.01.2008, 18:00
I love my Toshiba laptop though :o)

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