View Full Version : Portege 3490ct - I can not install XP using USB dvd writer

02.01.2008, 13:49

I can not install WXP. I have USB DVD-writer and also one Toshiba external writer over PCMCIA (Toshiba ipc 5025a) but he couldn’t find any external writer.

I pull out the HDD and format it extern in 2 parts.
I first install DOS and copy the WXP files on second part but I couldn’t also install it because of the conflict of FAT and NTFS. In BIOS I choose cardbus-16 bit. My CD writer is working (tested before).

Please help to install WXP on my laptop.

03.01.2008, 13:11
You can't install Windows XP directly because there is no driver for the external optical drive build in.

Principally you are on the right way.
Format the HDD, make two partitions both FAT32.
Copy the I386 directory from your XP installation CD to the second partition.
Start the installation calling winnt.exe.
Install XP to the frist partition.
After installation has finished you can use the XP command 'convert.exe' to change the FAT32 partitions to NTFS. Run 'convert.exe /?' in a DOS-Box to get the correct parameters.