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20.03.2005, 23:58
I have obtained a Tecra 8000 with a 10/100 Network port replicator that will be used as a second desktop at home. On my main PC I use a Netgear DG834G ADSL wireless router (802.11g) for a broadband connection. What is the best way to make a wireless connection with the Tecra ?
There appear to be a number of cardbus adapters (eg Netgear WG511)or USB adapters (eg WG111).
Is the Tecra 8000 USB v2 or v1.1 ?
I could simply put the router close by and use the ethernet link but I would rather have the laptop away from the available phone sockets. Is it best to test the LAN connections etc in this manner before attempting the wireless link?

Regrettably I have cross posted this on the Tecra forum before I discovered this one. My apologies

21.03.2005, 11:31
I have the same router and use a Netgear WG511T...works very well. Just install the software that comes with the wireless card and plug it in...that's about it. You can then network the two computers together...if you're running XP on both it's pretty automatic (just run the network wizard on both machines).
You can of course hard wire your Tecra into the router...but as you say a wireless link is far more versatile and after all, that is what the DG834 is designed to do.
Make sure the drivers for the DG834G and the network card are the most up to date ones. You may have to reconfigure the router to allow a new computer to log into it...but that's not too difficult

22.03.2005, 21:08
Thanks for the information. I promptly bought a Netgear WG511 PC card - and now the system is up and running at 50mb/sec+ .
I had to change the PC Card controller mode in Hardware setup from 'Auto-selected' to 'Cardbus' since the 8000 system caters for 16-bit cards (I think)and the WG511 is 32-bit. Once I have sorted out file sharing between computers I'll be a happy man.