View Full Version : Satellite X205 SLi3 - Black Screen with movable mouse cursor on startup

30.12.2007, 21:50
I have a Satellite X205-Sli 3 laptop that is just over a month old and running windows Vista. (let me know if the exact specs make a difference)

Yesterday morning my laptop was working fine, I shut it down at home because I needed to take it to work with me to get some files off it. However, when I tried to turn it back on all I got was a blank black screen with the white movable mouse cursor dead center. I've seen other posts with similar problems but no solutions.

Everything loads up as normal at first: I get the Toshiba load screen (it allows me to make boot changes from there with F2 , F8, or F12 but none seem to have any effect) and I get the little Microsoft green loading bar just before the screen flickers a few times and then goes black except for the white mouse cursor. The touch pad, Capslock, and scroll lock keys *are* responsive, but the function keys and Ctrl+Alt+Del do *not* work. There is no way to shut down the laptop at this point without holding the power button down.

I have tried starting it in safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, only to get the exact same result after that windows loading bar. (only a lower resolution mouse cursor on that wonderful blank high-def screen). I've enabled boot logging, nothing, I tried to start it with the "last known good configuration", nothing.

I've tried the windows repair options: Startup repair, system restore (there *was* a windows update in the restore point just before my laptop screwed up and I’m wondering if that has something to do with it since it was the first time the computer had been shut off since the automatic update installed... but getting an older restore point doesn't help), as well as the windows memory diagnostic tool. Everything shows as normal but still the black screen after the Microsoft load bar...

I've also tried Debugging mode and Directory services restore mode just for the heck of it -- every time the black screen of death.

I have even put in the Toshiba recovery disc and set my laptop to boot from the CD rather than the HD. (this gives me the same options pressing F8 and going to repair does on startup only I don't have to put in my admin password)

About the only thing I can think of that I haven’t done is format my entire hard drive, I know this is not always a solution and I would prefer to keep all my school and work files if at all possible. Fortunately I am able to get into the DOS command prompt and am copying some of the most important stuff to a thumb drive, but I will still likely lose all my programs and larger files.

Has anyone had a similar issue?
If so, what was the solution?
I would just call tech support but I won't have the time until after newyear to spend on the phone and I have the feeling their solution will be to format and use the recovery disk.

06.01.2008, 22:00
Man, such an expensive machine and then everything wouldn´t work because of some sh.... software. So if you backed up your most important files then I would _recommend_ you to recover your machine. You won´t resolve anything by just trying to find the error, believe me, you will go nuts.

Just put the recovery in the drive and start the "delete-all-my-programs-but-protect-my-nerves-and-make-everything-OK" process.