View Full Version : SatelliteU300 Won't start with AC power connected and fully charged battery

28.12.2007, 12:27
I just bought a U300-13U. It works great when battery is charging and AC is connected. However if left to charge up fully it won't start with AC connected. Unpluging the power or removing the battery and running on AC makes it work fine. Is this a 'feature' to stop overcharging or overheating the battery, or just a problem with this machine. I want to run with AC and battery both connected all the time as I have done with all my other laptops.

Any help appreciated.

04.01.2008, 16:47
Hello Andy

Friend of mine has this small U300 and everything work well. I have had it few weeks ago to test WXp installation and it works perfectly.

Please test it again very carefully and if the same happen again I recommend you to contact Authorized service partner in your country. Let them check your notebook. I must be honest and say that described issue sounds strange to me and please do not wait too long. Contact service as soon as possible.

Bye and good luck!