View Full Version : Need better ATI X1600 driver for Satellite Pro A100-830

27.12.2007, 22:00

I am using my Satellite Pro A100-830 (PSAACE-00W002EN) mostly to play my games, but sadly enough I can't. It seems like Toshiba doesn’t provide with good enough graphic-drivers because every time I play, for an example: Half-Life 2, I get this specefied error: internal driver error in IDirect3ddevice9::present()

I've tried to re-install my whole computer, with the distribution CDs that followed with my PC but that didn’t work for long. I also tried to download the latest ATI drivers but they can't be installed, nor OmegaDrivers (Installable but didn’t work).
I am using Windows XP and I've got all the latest updates from "Windows Update"..
Just when I re-installed my computer I downloaded all the Windows updates, then the newest BIOS, and after that, I deleted the ATI driver that was bounded to the CD, and installed the "latest" ATI driver from Toshibas own homepage.
(Not only Steam-games doesn’t work, almost none of my games....)

Please help me out of these "desperate times". Would be happy if you could write the answer straight to my E-Mail:

03.01.2008, 16:54

To be honest you are not alone with this and many notebook users want to have better performance and play latest games that can be played with latest and newest hardware. So you have an average notebook but want to have maximum on graphic performance.

Sorry but I believe you expect a little bit too much. We talk here about notebooks and not about desktops. As “gamer” you will probably understand that high graphic performance has a result a lot of heat and it can be very dangerous for notebook hardware (placed on small place). Using newer and “better” display drivers you will probably force graphic card to run under more pressure but result can be overheating or even hardware damage.

Please be reasonable and understand that notebooks have lower graphic performance and notebook manufacturer has only one priority: to protect the hardware. Because of that there is no much graphic cards driver updates.

I really do not know which games you try to play but I have tested my older M70 (also ATI) graphic card with several games (not the latest) and it runs satisfying.

Bye and good luck!