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27.12.2007, 17:10

I have a X200-1AA.
It comes with the 8700GT graphics card. I Have Windows Vista Ultimate installed and the latest Toshiba drivers for this card. (NVIDIA Doesn't have universal drivers for this card).

When I connect the computer via HDMI to my Hitachi 37PD5200 Plasma screen, that can go to resolutions up to 1600x1200, the max resolution that I get is 1024x768.
I try to change settings in the Nvidia Control Panel, but there are no custom settings for the HDMI port. The software detects the Hitachi monitor, and says that it's only capable of EDTV 480p. And I can't change this.

If I connect through the VGA cable, works great, with resolutions up to 1600x1200. But the problem is that Toshiba HD-DVD player only works through the HDMI port.

If I connect a PS3, a XBox360 or my DVD player through HDMI, all the devices detect 1080i.

As anyone had this problem before?
Any ideas for me?

Thanks in advance,

Andre Antunes

T7700 2,4Ghz CPU
4Gb DDR2
300Gb HDD 4.200 RPM
8700 GT Graphics Card.

03.01.2008, 15:06

Very strange… I know that the Satellite X200 series supports an HDMI V1.2 (up to 1080i) standard. You can watch the HD DVD movies on internal Toshiba notebook screen with the resolution of 1080i pixel and on external Full HD TV with 1080p resolution.

I’m not 100% sure but I think this setting could be changed in the BIOS. Check it!

Your feedback would be very appreciated.

Greetings dude

03.01.2008, 15:42

Few months ago I have tested friends Qosmio G30 on my LCD HD Ready TV. I was able to change those settings in BIOS (780i, 1080i, SCART). Please check BIOS settings. I hope you can find this option.

To be honest, X200 is designed for gaming and multimedia. I am pretty sure the notebook is tested and it should work properly, especially with preinstalled “factory settings”.

26.01.2008, 18:17

The X200 has no settings for the HDMI port in BIOS.
I already have the latest BIOS version (2.10).