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27.12.2007, 16:55
Hi everybody,

For those of you who are planning on upgrading your X200 laptops, here's an advice from own experience.

1 - Upgrade your RAM from the stock 2GB to 4Gb. I bought my 4Gb on Ebay for 57 euros.
You'll notice a REAL increase on your system's speed. Specially if you deal with large photos or video, like I do.
Windows Vista only recognizes 3 GB of Ram, but the remaining 1Gb will be reserved for your graphics card. You'll notice a much better graphics performance as I did. No image jumps and more fluid images using big resolutions and heavy settings.

2- Don't spend your money upgrading your 4.200 RPM HDD for a 7.200 unless you REALLY NEED IT.
My computer comes with a 300Gb 4.200 RPM HDD. I installed a 100 Gb 7.200 RPM Seagate Momentus and didn't find a dramatic speed increase, so went back to large drive.

Andre Antunes

T7700 2,4Ghz CPU
4Gb DDR2
300Gb HDD 4.200 RPM
8700 GT Graphics Card.

03.01.2008, 14:56
Hi andre

Thanks for this advice. I really appreciate it.

Just a small comment regarding the point 1.

As far as I know the Vista recognizes only the 3GB of RAM because of the 32bit OS limitation. But Microsoft released an Vista SP1 Beta version.
Itís a beta version and not fully tested but it should solve the issue with the 3GB RAM. After the SP1 installation the Vista should recognize 4GB.

Best regards

03.01.2008, 15:37
Hello Andre

It is very nice to have you here and read about your experience about Satellite X200. Please keep posting.

Bye and good luck!