View Full Version : Sat Pro L10 - Loss of Volume level display and Num/Caps lock indicators

27.12.2007, 03:16
I have a couple of problems at the moment...

Firstly, some time ago, the volume level display (a green indicator which came onto the screen) disappeared. I have been told that his was due to an update which needed to be done, but which for some reason got rid of the display. Short of taking off all the updates, is there any way of getting this back?

Secondly, the display lights for the caps lock and number lock have stopped coming on. The display light to show the hard disk is being written to is still working, but the other two beside it (caps lock and number lock) just stopped working. Is there some cause for this such as an update, or is it just that the bulbs have gone?????

All answers welcome!

29.12.2007, 11:37

Regarding the volume control notification on the display;
This volume level notification is controlled by software. Possibly the Microsoft updates influence this notification and therefore it doesn’t appear on the display. I presume some registry keys were changed… but I don’t know exactly what entries could be affected.

Regarding the second issue; keyboard lights;
Well, usually this has nothing to do with the installed software.
I think it could be a keyboard fault… but this is only my personal suggestion…

I don’t know how long the OS is running on your notebook but maybe it would be advisable to refresh the OS to ensure that new installation could helps to get rid of these issues.