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19.03.2005, 13:51
Hi all,

I have an A60 EQUIUM and recently it has been managing to turn itself of at regular intervals - usually when playing games or watching DVDs. Obviously this is becoming a great annoyance. The only thing I can suggest is that it does seem to get incredibly hot, and the fan is constantly doing overtime, although I'm sure it has always got up a fair heat ever since I first got it. I'm pretty stuck for where to go from here. Could it be overheating, and if so how can a solve this? Or could it be something totally unrelated. I have had a couple of problems with my graphics card lately but I thought I had resolved these.

Many thanks in advance,

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21.03.2005, 12:26
Hi James

If you play games or watching DVDs the processor is on high speed because your notebook has ”video memory shared”. This means that the memory for the accessory is taken from the system RAM. In this case the processor helps to graphic card.

I don’t know how old is your notebook but I am pretty sure that it is time to clean it up. After cleaning up of my Satellite P10 the cooling fan works just sometimes.
On this forum I found another discussion about this issue. If you want you can check it


21.03.2005, 15:40
I have an A60 EQUIUM and mine runs hot too. There are
various power saving options you could try to see if
that helps your problem.


Richard S.