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22.12.2007, 00:30

I've read and searched for similar threads/issues, but I didn't find something identical...

I have a problem in my notebook, that seems I can't get rid off... Every time I use my pc a bit harder (in ex.: scan disk with anti-virus, zip a large file, etc.) it overheats and turns off.

I've opened it, cleaned the fan (it wasn't dirty btw), and still continues.
But something I've noticed is that it seems that the fan is not working at full power.
When I turn it on (after overheating) the fan really works at full power, but just a few seconds later, the speed reduces and it keep at same speed constantly and if try and do the same task, it overheats again...

The fan seems ok because it stops when the pc it's not hot, but every time I try to overcharge it, it keeps overheating, how can I solve this problem?

Thanx in advance! Regards.

22.12.2007, 16:01
Sounds weird...did you already updated your BIOS to the latest version? If not, then do it please by visiting the Toshiba Support website:


To find a BIOS which suits for your machine you must go to "Support & Downloads" -> "Support Homepage" -> under the section "Download" click on "Bios update" -> on the Bios download page choose your "Product type"/"Family"/"Product Series"/"Model" to download the latest BIOS for your machine.


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22.12.2007, 20:11

I've checked and i still have the newest version of BIOS (v1.30)... btw, i've opened the top and cleaned the fan, but i didn't remove it. And i donŽt believe the problem is within the CPU cooling gel...
However, here's something really odd i've noticed last night... I have my BIOS configured for prompting password, so until i type the password, the system won't start...
Yesterday after overheating, i've checked that untill i type the password and the WINXP O.S. starts to run, the fan runs at full speed, but as soon as the XP bootscreen appears, the fan slows down to half speed or less... How is this possible? I've cheked for more than a dozen times, and this simptom is real! If i don't insert password the fan goes at full speed for a few minutes, and after cooling it slows to half speed and eventually stops.

Do you have any reason why this happens? It just seems compleatly wacko, but it's true! What should i do? thanx, again...


26.12.2007, 21:02
Mate, as I've told you on my last post your answer really didn't help me, I've explained all the symptoms the best I could, so I'd really appreciate if you could explain why such thing happens on my notebook, the problem is becoming more serious and I can't afford to buy another pc...

In additional information, this problem started to happen around April this year, and the warranty expired in August, but I couldn't do anything in between because I was working outside my country (Portugal).

I've installed a software called Smartfan, that, although it doesnŽt control the fan it can read the SMART temperatures on my pc, and the temp. Are really high, perhaps even dangerous...
Right now it reads: Win9x:
NO 64Bit:NO GiveIO:YES SpeedFan:YES
I/O properly initialized
Linked ISA BUS at 0290
SMBus successfully enabled
Linked Intel 82801DB ICH4 SMBUS at D880
Scanning ISA BUS at 0290...
Scanning Intel SMBus at D880...
ADM1032 (ID=$00) found on SMBus at 4C
Found TOSHIBA fan driver
SMART Enabled for drive 0
Found IC25N030ATMR04-0 (30,0GB)
Found ACPI temperature (95,0C)

It also reads these temperatures:
Local Temp: 71șC
Remote Temp: 97șC
HD0 Temp: 57șC
Temp1: 95șC

Help would be very much appreciated... Thanks & Cheers

01.01.2008, 21:39
*Problem solved* aparently, all i needed to do was to remove the heatsink and vacuum the heatsink tube...
Thanks, anyway...

But i'm still very curious with the other situacion... Why does the speed of the fan reduces once the win xp boot starts?
Any *brave soul* to give a straight up answer? Please, surprise me...


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02.01.2008, 22:10
Nice edit, but still no answer...

02.01.2008, 22:28
Hello Fred

At first can you please tell me from who you expect an answer? If you wait answer form Toshiba technician you can wait very long time because this is user-to-user forum.

Secondly I do not know exactly how it looks like in your case but I have noticed similar behaviour on my Satellite M70. After pressing power button for few seconds cooling fan runs at, I believe full speed, but when WXP load starts the cooling fan stops running. At this point Toshiba power saver (or WXP power options) controls the Processor speed and cooling method. The whole performance is controlled by this tool.

I really do not understand why you are upset because of that. If notebook runs well now without overheating be happy and enjoy this “oldie”.

One more thing: next time be nice and Admin will not make “nice edit”. :)

06.01.2008, 20:50
Hi Ivan, i only expected a sense and fair answer like yours...

After all, isn't this the *Toshiba Support Forum* attached in the *Toshiba Support* page? I didn't read anything about user-to-user support on my way in... I think Toshiba should provide technical "know how" in this forum, and i understand this is not your fault, but i still would like to keep my "oldies" (my A10, my Libretto 50CT, and my girlfriends Satellite (older than mine)) up & running with Toshiba experienced technicians helping me instead of relying on third-party hardware forums like i had to do this time...

Regarding the power save, your answer makes sense, thanks, but it doesn't makes sense to me that would me more important to save power that your computers health... Either it's Toshiba or Microsoft problem (I use Toshiba power manager), i think they should review this "bug"...

Once again, thank you for your straight answer, and i hope mine would mine would be to, straight and helpfull, both to users, and to Toshiba in "costumer expectations" level... :)


08.01.2008, 23:31

I have the same laptop as yours and mine heats up quite easily too but its old and it never used to. When I read through your posts to help my machine, I noticed you said u didnâ??t remove the fan.

To get to the bit where the dust can collect and then block the fan so the heat canâ??t actually escape. On the fan housing theres two screws if u undo these then the fan should come straight out. Be careful of the wires though :P. If you unscrew the housing for the processor heater thing then the yellow bars that goes on the processor and round will come out.

Its on the end of this that the dust collects if u clean it then but it all back together it will cool down sooner and faster meaning itl last longer before it cuts out. I am afraid I canâ??t help about the half speed thing, I hope this helps. Anything u unscrew is up to you my friend but I took the risk and it works allot better,