View Full Version : Satellite Pro A200-1JV Memory Expansion

21.12.2007, 19:11

The spec for my Satellite Pro A200-1JV says:-

standard : 512 MB
maximum expandability : 2,048 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)

2 x memory slots (1 to configure)

I have inserted two 1024 memory cards but when the machine starts it only sees one of the cards.

I assume that I need to "configure" the second memory slot, but cannot figure out how to do this.

Any help gratefully received


27.12.2007, 17:13
As far as I know you must not configure anything. All you must do is to use compatible high quality RAM module.

Which memory module you use for RAM upgrade (manufacturer)?

07.01.2008, 12:51

I purchased two compatible cards, but only one works, when I looked at the machine spec it says that there are "two slots 1 to be configured"

So there must be something I have to do to get it to work.


27.02.2008, 17:19
Hello Theo

What you mean with “when the machine starts it only sees one of the cards”?
Is full RAM not shown BIOS or in running operating system?

16.03.2008, 20:56
Hi Theo.
Try to switch places of the two cards. If it still just one of the banks thats are taking the card try to take the card that on the top and lift it up just for 0.5cm press it in the bank so all of the "teeths" on the card is almost not seen. Dont press to hard but try to wiggle it and press it in to place. If the cards not in place at 100% the computer cant find it. Look at the card in the bottom and look at the part of it thats pressed in the cardholder, try to press in the other card on the top so its as the same as the other card. It can be a little tricky to get the secon card in place. Good Luck!