View Full Version : Picture on TV appears black & white

17.12.2007, 23:31
I have successfully connected my Toshiba laptop to my TV using the TV out (S-Video) connection to SCART. I have now purchased a new TV which is HD LCD but upon connection the screen is black & white.

I have searched everywhere and tried any possible combinations, but obviously not the right one as I can not resolve it.

It must be something simple, as I was able to view in color in my previous TV, but now I only see black & white in my new LCD TV.

Could anyone please advice?

20.12.2007, 18:02

I think there could be two possibilities.
Either the TV settings are wrong (s-video port settings) or the s-video<->scart cable pins donít match with the scart port on the TV device.

I have had a similar issue. On my TV the picture was black/white and on my parents TV I was able to view in color.
In my case the cable was wrong.

21.12.2007, 16:19
Hello Dimitros

Believe me I have pretty much experience with connecting notebook to TV and LCD TV and all you must do is to enable the right port on your TV.

I have BRAVIA LCD TV and have tested several notebooks with different cables and adapters (S-Video, chinch, SCART, HDMI) and switching to the right channel (right port entrance) I have had perfect picture. For example, on my brotherís JVC LCD TV those settings are not so simple and after almost half hour we were able to enable the S-Video port.

I will just say that settings are different on each LCD TV. If you can not do anything please talk with your local dealer. For TV experts it should be no problem.

But be sure: it has nothing to do with your Toshiba notebook.