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16.12.2007, 21:23

Although my X200-191 notebook is just 3 weeks old, this afternoon the DVD drive suddenly stopped working. When I insert a dvd, the drive makes some sound like it is going to read the DVD, then stops and nothing happens anymore. When I click the DVD drive in the "my computer" section, the drive opens up and asks for a DVD... It won't play music cd's either.

I just installed a new driver (HD) for the DVD drive from the toshiba site, which should be compatible. I also tried to re-install the previous driver, but the problem still exists. I can't use the recovery CD either, for the DVD drive won't work to start the recovery cd...

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,


16.12.2007, 21:29
Hi mate,

this sounds like a serious hardware problem. Please visit the link below and contact the nearest authorized service partner in your country:


I mean you have still (and enough) warranty on that machine, just let it repair and everything should be fine after the repair...


17.12.2007, 19:02
Hi dude,

You issue description sounds really bad... I assume the CD/DVD drive is dead. Why?
Who knows... but fact is that you warranty is valid and the whole replacement should be done for free.

I agree with Dennis and you should immediately contact the ASP in your country for an notebook check and possible for the drive replacement.

The link given by Dennis shows all global Toshiba ASP. So choose the one responsible for your country and explain the whole situation with your notebook and drive...

Best regards

18.12.2007, 18:48
Thanks for your help, I will contact the right dealer and let this problem be resolved.

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