View Full Version : WiFi connection with just 11 mbps

18.03.2005, 12:32

Can anyone tell me why does my computer always connects at 11 mbps and not 54 mbps.

I understand that I have a b/g wireless chip in my notebook.

If its network dependent then how do i check if my system can actually connect using 'g' network.

Please tell me more with respect to this topic.


18.03.2005, 16:30

Can you give us more information about your problem? Which notebook do you have? Which wireless card you use and do you make connection to wireless router at home or some access point at work?

15.06.2005, 14:05

Sorry but without notebook model description it is not possible to check which wireless card and max data transfer speed you use. The only thing that I can tell is that you should check which wireless card you use and which wireless standard. Like you know there are standards a, b and g.

If someone wants to know more about it there is one very nice page about wireless http://www.linksys.com/edu/wirelessstandards.asp .