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15.12.2007, 15:04
Hello, I just bought a new satellite x200-21k and when i finished the toshibe updates with "toshiba tempo" and i tried to install the sound driver release on 20-11-2007 , the installation just canceled and I lost the realtek program from my computer.
I tried the operation again, the same happened.

The sound program find only stereo speakers no 4.1 and the media player when I turn on srs wow effects just stop the sound of my speakers.

Please help

15.12.2007, 23:02
Ok, I think the best workaround would be to go to the realtek website (www.realtek.com) and download the latest drivers/tools from there. They must work and you will do nothing wrong when installing the native realtek sound drivers.

Please give a lttle feedback if it worked


20.12.2007, 19:26
Hmmm… I’ve got a better idea. You don’t need to update anything if the notebook is running well ;)

Anyway…. The Realtek Semiconductor Corporation sound driver can be also downloaded from the Realtek page… try

21.12.2007, 12:05
I have seen that answer from you before Jimi. Why do you think Toshiba releases UPDATES? Because it is an update!! Maybe it increases perfomance, fix bugs or whatever. Well, any pc, can with an upgrade/update, work even better! Thats the whole upgrade/update business for you.

So, as long companies provide update for drivers/software and stuff, you really dont think we should NOT update? Why do they put them updates on tempo then?
Now, I only wish they could release a next to GPU-driver for the Toshiba x200 8700m GT card.

Anyway, my advise would be to upgrade as much as you want to. Most of the times there is a reason for the update, and you would probably benefit from updating. Sometimes you wont notice anything after update and thats not a problem either but on very few occasions you can experience problems with an update. Then it is not really a problem to revert it/delete it, and go back to a version that works!

Have a nice day.

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