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15.12.2007, 10:14
Hi Forum,
I want to clean my Satellite Pro A40 carefully inside due to overheating problems.

Does anyone can provide me with a kind of manual how to open the SPA40 properly resp. how to clean it.

I think to blow some compressed air inside will not solve the problem, there is a lot of dirt and dust inside.

Iwant to do it myself, so please don't recommand me to contact a technical specialist.

Thanxx in advance...

19.12.2007, 12:34

> I want to do it myself, so please don't recommend me to contact a technical specialist.

In my own opinion generally itís not a bad suggestion if some advises to contact a notebook technician for a heatsink cleaning because the disassembling of most new-generation notebooks is not easy and very tricky. Mostly the one or the other has no experience and in such cases itís better to contact an ASP for the help as to try to clean the notebook and probably to damage some parts.
If the warranty is valid then such procedure will cancel the warranty validity

But donít worry buddy ;) I will try to help you as far as I canÖ
I goggled a little bit and found this nice [instruction |http://www.irisvista.com/tech/laptops/ToshibaA45/Satellite-A45-remove-hinges-1.htm] how to disassemble the Satellite A45.
The A45 is very similar to the A40 and therefore the notebook pictures should be the same.

The step 4 (picture ) and step 5 shows the dirty heatsink and how to remove it.
You donít need to disassemble the whole notebook but only the heatsink cover at the bottom of the unit.

Note; be always careful and donít use the force to remove anything ;) and you knowÖ everything what you do is at your own riskÖ

Hopefully I could help. Best regards and Merry Christmas ;)


19.12.2007, 21:30
Hi R2D2,
thanks for the link. This was it! I opened and cleaned my SPA 40 and now it runs absolute perfect!
Merry christmas to you and the forum!

19.12.2007, 22:58
Glad i could help you ;)