View Full Version : Tecra 9000: Where to find XP sound card driver?

14.12.2007, 14:28

I got a used Tecra 9000 and installed a brand new Win XP Home edition. Looks like the sound card requires an extra driver. Toshiba's home page no longer supports the T9000. Any hint where I can get this driver ?

Thanks Antiman

14.12.2007, 14:39
Surely Toshiba supports the XP sound driver for this Tecra 9000 series.

Go here:

and choose the Archive -> Tecra Archive -> Tecra 9xxx series -> Tecra 9000

Enjoy ;)

14.12.2007, 15:25
Hello Antiman and all people with older notebook models

I have noticed that many people are confused when try to find drivers for notebooks not listed under product type NOTEBOOK. All notebooks not listed there can be founded under ARCHIVE.

Bye and good luck!