View Full Version : Keyboard controller possibly faulty on my Satellite Pro A120

13.12.2007, 17:58
I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120-223 dual core and this is my problem with the keyboard.

I get this irritating message at boot up with BEEBS, where it says “PXE-E61 Media Test Failure” amongst other things. I then reopened everything, and put everything back again, the problem seems to go away at first, and then comes back, this time when everything starts up; the letter â??nâ?? is continually and automatically is entered on any searches I click on.

I later purchased a new keyboard, and everything kind of went smoothly until the 3rd day with my new keyboard. The problem came back!

I have had researched on my problem online and realised that the “Keyboard Controller” may be at fault here. I do not think the keyboard is faulty as this one is brand new and I hardly typed anything with it, I also took extra care when connecting the cable to the system.

If it is the controller, what steps or procedures should I take in order to precisely define the problem, or perhaps resolve it?

I do not have warranty on this machine, and I am not too keen on spending huge amounts on a new motherboard, however I am willing to if it is necessary.

Thank you in advance.

16.12.2007, 22:10
Hi mate,

the first error message "PXE-E61 Media Test Failure" is more boot related, so another boot order (HDD -> CDROM -> FDD -> NETWORK) probably resolves this issue.

Regarding your keyboard controller problem: I think that the cable must be realigned PROPERLY since such errors come from a misaligned keyboard cable or from a really damaged keyboard controller (where I am sceptic that the keyboard controller is broken).

I know that you took some extra care when connecting the keyboard but this time took some extra super special uber mega care when connecting it. Especially during connecting it you must check that the little black bracket which holds the cable is properly sticked onto the port.

Would appreciate a feedback from you..


21.12.2007, 05:45

Thank you for being the only member to have answered my troubling questions; had I realised your reply to my post sooner I would not have posted the new question here on this forum (yet to be allowed through via the moderator).

I have done what you have recommended; one can never be too safe or aware, I have connected the cable with the system again, and tightly pushed the black "thingamajigs", I HAVE REALISED SOMETHING BEFORE I DONE THAT THOUGH, one of those black "thingamajigs" were not connected properly, it was loose, while the other was tight.

I may have found the cause of the problem (hooray!) I remember connecting both things thoroughly and made sure both were tight.

I think that one of the connector suddenly gave way after some time and started to cause all the problems.

This is what will do, as I type this message, all is well and problem free, your advice worked, as soon as the problem arises (and I'm pretty sure that it will) I will open the keyboard up and see if one of the connecting thingamajigs is loose in any way. If it is, then we can firmly pinpoint the cause.

Again... thank you for being the only member ONLINE that could give me some sort of relief!