View Full Version : Broken left hinge on Satellite Pro A40 - need part number

12.12.2007, 21:08
Can anyone help? I've broken the left side hinge on my A40. I can't find anywhere to get a replacement and I don't know where I can find the part no. so I know I'm getting the right one.

Does anyone know the part no. and where I can purchase a hinge?

13.12.2007, 10:08

The display hinges replacement is not easy and a little bit tricky… the whole display must be disassembled and I presume someone without an experience could damage some parts during the dismounting procedure.
I recommend contacting the ASP for details and help.
The authorized service partner could also order the new and right hinges for this notebook directly from the Toshiba head warehouse.

Good luck and best regards

03.01.2008, 12:11
Thanks for your reply, but I still need to find the part number without this I can't find the right hinges. Toshiba only want to fix the laptop and not supply the hinge for me to fix. How do I get hold of their parts department?

03.01.2008, 12:43
Possibly this site could help you:
[Toshiba Satellite Hinges / Hinge Covers|http://www.impactcomputers.com/toshiba-satellite-by-category-displays-hinges---hinge-covers.html]

03.01.2008, 16:28
Thank you Markus, I had already looked at that website and missed the hinges. I only have one problem now which part no. is the right one for my laptop. Can you help?

03.01.2008, 17:04
I just found only this website in the internet.
But in my opinion you could use the hinges for Satellite A40 too because there is no big difference between the A40 and Pro A40.

Part number is: P000392250

03.01.2008, 17:21
thank you Markus for your help and support.

03.01.2008, 17:23
Glad I could help. Reward points? ;)