View Full Version : Which Linux distro with Satellite A200-10W

11.12.2007, 14:39
Which linux distro to use with my notebook A200-10W that will work out of the box (with Nvidia 7300go, wifi and Blootooth)?

ps. does anybody have any experiences with FC8?

thanks in advance luka

15.12.2007, 21:32
Hm, thats hard to say that EVERY linux works out of the box. I would try Ubuntu (newest version is something with 7.xx) which runs on a Tecra S3 at my home. Some things do not work (fingerprint sensor, etc..) but most of the stuff (the important hardware) runs perfectly so, itīs up on to you of the system will work.

Download it from ubuntu.com and start a live CD. You will see how the live CD handles your system, but I think it should work.
I suggest you to register on some ubuntu forums...you will need it. :)