View Full Version : How to connect my Satellite A200 with a Philips LCS TV?

09.12.2007, 14:44
Hi, I have problems to connect my Satellite A200 1E1 with a Philips 32 PF9967D LCD-TV HD ready.
The manuals recommend a HDMI extension that is unfortunately not availble with my Laptop.

However, isn't is possible to use a S-Video connection instead? I could accept a reduced quality. When I connect the Laptop with the TV, I have the impression that the Satellite does not send any signal out. The "FN F5" combination does not show the opportunity to switch between the screens. Once I connected a beamer and had no problems at all with switching between beamer, laptop screen or both.

Any comments would be highly appreciated, thanks a lot in advance.

09.12.2007, 19:01

so, you tried it with an S-VHS cable. I checked the specs of your screen and I saw that it has 3x scart and 1x dvi. Maybe you should try a S-VHS-to-Scart adapter because I assume that your TV is maybe not properly recognized when connected to the S-VHS port.

Please, if you have the opportunity, check if the connection with the adapter works.
I wonder why the LCd has no D-SUB input...

Feedback would be highly appreciated.


12.12.2007, 16:02

In user manuals is written in almost each chapter about ports or slots a short comment: depending on configuration. That means that this userís manuals can be used for different A200 notebook models.

Every notebook delivered with HD-DVD optical disc drive has also an HDMI port. According the notebook specification your notebook has no HD-DVD ODD and because of that there is also no HDMI port.

For TV-out there is sonly one port Ė S-Video. Using this port you can send video signal to your TV. I have LCD TV too and I have used it many times with my A200 notebook. It is very simply but be sure you use the right channel (S-Video) on your TV. Using FN+F5 key combination you can switch to the TV.

If this does not work you are doing something wrong.

17.12.2007, 20:10
Hi, according to Philips support, my TV should be able to recognize S-Video data transfer. No need for any adapters. They told me that I should ensure that the laptop sends a composite or "mixed video" to the TV. Unfortunately I couldn't find out where I can change or check this. More or less I'm stuck now.

17.12.2007, 21:13
If your notebook supports an s-video out port and the TV supports an s-video in then you can used the simply s-video cable to connect both devices!
Sometimes the s-video signal must be enabled somewhere in the graphic card advanced properties. Donít know if itís the same on your series but would recommend checking all settings.
On the TV the s-video channel must be enabled!
Then you could use the FN+F5 key combination to switch the display on TV

09.01.2008, 21:37

Finally I used a VGA to DVI cable and everything works perfect. No idea why the S-video cable didn't work at all. Best regards.