View Full Version : Cannot install the drivers for DVD player on Satellite X200

09.12.2007, 01:05
Can anyone, please, help me? I couldn't install the driver for dvd player. I have vista ultimate 32-bit now, made a clean installation from what was preinstalled in my new lappy X200 series.

Almost all the drivers had been successfully installed but for dvd player it always ends up by saying "this application cannot be installed in this computer. Setup will be aborted now."

Can anyone please help me, what could be the reason? And also if anyone could provide the list of software that were preinstalled in the lappy would be appreciated. Thank you


10.12.2007, 00:50
I'm on the same boat.

what I could install HD DVD player (part of)

when I put in a DVD or HD DVD it says that it cannot display on an external device press Fn + F5 after closing the application.

It is getting really frustrating especially that I bought Transformers on HD DVD, which had a tie in with the movie.

even worse I rebuilt the laptop using the recovery disk.

I hope Toshiba take not that I have heard a lot about issues with the HD DVD playback.

any help or a better built software would be appreciated.

12.12.2007, 12:16
Hi guys

I would recommend searching a little bit in this forum instead of waiting…
The solutions were already posted here:



Best regards

18.12.2007, 00:42
Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for your reply. However, my main concern was that I couldn't install the DVD player software (Please see my previous posting). I have successfully installed the drivers for HD DVD player and it works perfectly.

Thanks once again


10.01.2008, 15:36
I still couldn't install the drivers for dvd player. It always prevent me to install the drivers. I don't undestand why. Looking for further help that anyone could provide me.