View Full Version : Satellite U205 would not hibernate

08.12.2007, 15:04
When I select hibernate from the shutdown options the classic windows xp screen appears with "preparing to hibernate" and the machine hangs.
This also happens when I ask it to standby.

The screen goes blank but power stays on. I have to press power button for 5secs in both cases to kill the power to machine.

09.12.2007, 15:21
Did you recently installed some new software or microsoft updates? Sometimes software from 3rd party can cause such problems.

I would suggest you to try the following:

- Update your BIOS to the latest version and set in your BIOS everything to defaults
- update your whole system and reinstall the powersaver which has to be downloaded from the toshiba driver download site
- If this does not help, recover your machine and update everything

If hibernation won´t work no matter what you´ve tried, then give please some feedback here and we will discuss more about that.