View Full Version : Ubuntu on Satellite P200-1C2 Bad Display Mode!

07.12.2007, 22:04

Notebook: Satellite P200-1C2

I installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my computer and I want to use the Display Mode "1440x900", but some Linux guys said I have to change

HorizSync 30-70
VertRefresh 50-160

int the xorg.conf, but I didnt find the right length and width of the monitor in the toshiba handbook. Can somebody tell me which length and width I must write into the xorg.conf?

08.12.2007, 13:05
You wonīt find such information in the toshiba handbook since they are "usually" not relevant for customers. Did you already tried these settings? I mean if you didnīt tried em, you wonīt know if they really work and the linux guys were right.

Please, check if these settings, which must be typed in xorg.conf, are working. If not, come back here and give some little feedback.

By the way, check this link regarding xorg.conf:


14.12.2007, 11:16
Hi, I tried the standard settings.

The Login screen computes, but when I logg in the display changes white. The "linux guys" said me that it probably could be the monitor settings.