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16.03.2005, 16:55
My trusty two year old Tecra 9100 1.7Mhz laptop has started getting a very regular blue screen of death. This only happens when it is running on battery power and the error message is:

“Hardware Malfunction

NMI: Channel Check / IOCHECK.”

It does this within about 30 seconds – 2 min of use on battery power.

I was hoping it was a driver corruption issue so I’ve totally flattened the thing back to day 1 with a full drive reinstall with the 'Product recovery CD ROM' and the problem still exists.

The battery shouldn’t be worn out as I've hardly used it, I even kept it out of the machine so as not to wear it out as I hardly ever needed to use the machine in a mobile context, i.e. it is a virtually new battery! It's only over the past month (since I've had wireless broadband) that I've used battery power at all.

Just to reiterate the laptop is totally stable on mains and has never blue screened at all whilst powered this way. The problem only ever happens when battery powered. I have flashed the Bios up to v1.6 from v1.5 with no effect. The problem happens both with a totally fresh install from the recovery CD ROM and also when fully configured with XP SP2 and all post XP2 updates.

Anyone any idea what is causing this error? Any diagnostics I could carry out?

Many thanks.


16.03.2005, 23:03

normally after a recovery the notebook should run without problems!

You can try if a newer version of the Power Saver is available at https://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com
then go to Driver Download!

Bye Tok

18.03.2005, 11:40
Hi Tony

Sorry but I have bad news for you. This message occurs if there is some problem with main board. I can not say exactly what it can be but I think that some hardware component is not recognized properly.

Tony contact please the Service partner in your country and let them check the notebook.

22.03.2005, 16:14
Hey ,

The systemboard is faulty , you need to send it in for repair or take it to an ASP .