View Full Version : Standby Problems

16.03.2005, 13:55

I've just been given a 3440CT which was working fine until I powered off the machine to remove the extra battery pack.

Now when I switch back on I'm presented with a scrolling bar with a moon and sun either side. The bar gets to the end but the machine just sits there and does not continue to boot. picture here.


There is also no HDD activity after the bar gets to the end.

Am I doing something wrong or is it broke? any advice would be greatly appriciated.


16.03.2005, 22:48

your linked picture shows the booting from hibernation mode!

It can be that the removing of the extra battery pack, damaged the hibernation file, which was generated by the system.

You can try to push the on/off button for a few seconds, then the nnotebook should boot.
After that you should remove the extra and normal battery and the AC adapter. Wait about 10 min connect it again and try to power the notebook on!

Bye tok