View Full Version : Upgrading Intel Pentium Dual Core T2060 processor on my Sat Pro - A120-223

01.12.2007, 10:40

This is my basic system:

Toshiba Satellite Pro A120-223

Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core T2060 1.6 GHz
RAM: 4GB upgraded recently ;-)
FSB: 533MHz

Is it possible to upgrade my processor? If yes, which Intel processor can I upgrade to? I know that my FSB will limit my options, but is there anyway to go around this..? Iā??m a business student so I handle large statistical software packages; I also do multi-media work for my presentations; I realised that my current processor just about handles ok in intense calculations, but I was hoping for something better and more stableā?¦

If there is a way to upgrade my processor, Iā??m willing to do it, but if not, then I would just have to settle for this one.

Thank you all for your help, I look forward to reading all your posts.


01.12.2007, 20:20
Hi buddy,

maybe you should read this topic which is related to your question:


The statement in this thread is simply: It“s not possible.

Check it out.