View Full Version : Satellite Pro A120 won't play dvds - need to install a DVD decoder

27.11.2007, 23:13
My A120 won't play dvds. It says I need to install a DVD decoder. Shouldn't it have come with one?

It cost enough through my employer and we asked for dvd playback and re-write facility.

Can anyone help?

03.12.2007, 17:24
Hello Lynne

Are you talking about self made DVDs or original DVDs that you want watch using preinstalled WinDVD player?

03.12.2007, 17:27

There are some things which are clarified!
- What OS do you use?
- Do you use the Toshiba preinstalled OS?
- What DVD software did you use to play DVDs
- What DVDs do you want to play? (orginal DVDs movies or burned DVDs)

Please clarify this!

Anyway, usually if you use the Toshiba preinstalled OS you donít need any further drivers or programs to play DVDs! There should be a WinDVD preinstalled which can be used to play original DVDs and to watch the movies!