View Full Version : Satellite Pro A200: Wake-up over keyboard using an USB keyboard

27.11.2007, 10:46
is there a way to turn on the laptop while keeping its lid closed using a USB keyboard. if yes what is the key combination

27.11.2007, 13:12
Hmmm… I don’t know if you can wake up the notebook if the lid is closed but as far as I know it should be possible to wake the notebook using a keyboard itself.

The Toshiba HWSetup was preinstalled on the Vista OS. In this tool you should find an option called: ”wake-up on keyboard”.

This can be found in the keyboard tab and you need to set it to “Enable”.
Furthermore please enable the Legacy USB support. This option can be found also in the HWSetup under “USB” tab.

Best regards

27.11.2007, 19:08
Hello Tibor

Can you please confirm if advice given by Jimi works?