View Full Version : Satellite U300-11v: Cannot update Bios - error code 5 - no admin rights

26.11.2007, 20:17
I have recently purchased the Sat U300-11v laptop and am using Toshiba Tempo alerts.

It has advised me to update the Bios Driver - which I have downloaded to my Desktop.
When i try to run the program I get the following message - " Cannot load driver, C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\bios-2007 1023123728\PHLASHNT.SYS" - Please check your account. if you have no administrator privilege please log in again.

I have checked and there is only one user on the laptop - Sue and I am also the administrator.

Please advise what I should do. many thanks

30.11.2007, 20:49
Click with right mouse button and choose ‘Run as administrator’ option. Can you please report if this helps or not?

08.12.2007, 01:52
I had the same problem, and Run as Administrator works OK

11.12.2007, 10:17
Did you extract the zip file frist?
Don't run the update from zip!

15.03.2008, 07:21
Hi Sue,

I had the same issue and figured a workaround that helped fix the problem.

Go to Control Panel --> User Accounts --> Turn User Controls on or off

At this stage, turn user control off, and it works. You can now update your Bios.